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NL – The Mets were doing this thing where they had a decent bullpen for a few weeks and then last night they decided to drop the ruse in a somewhat pivotal game and blow a three-run lead in the 9th. The Mets' pen gave up six total in the final frame to the Phillies in a 8-6 loss. It didn't help that Billy Wagner was unavailable, but even he would have a hard time giving up three runs without registering an out as Duaner Sanchez did. New York wasted a solid outing by Johan Santana (8 IP, 2 ER, 4 Ks) to fall a game back of Philly in the first of the three-game set between the top teams in the East…Jeff Keppinger breaks his 0-for-5 day with game-winning RBI double to lift Reds over the Padres in 11…The Pirates got some company in the NL Central cellar (it's smelly and not-well-ventilated down there) with a 8-2 win over the Astros, whom they've beaten six of the last eight meetings. Yep. The Bucs own someone. Put a new sheen to the last 16 years of shittiness, huh?… Rick VandenHurk was onehittable in the Marlins win over the Braves. A few more performances like that and he might be able to afford a hyphen or space in his last name…Bill Hall knocked a game-winning homer for the second straight day for the Brewers over the Cardinals. Yeah, well, I turned one package of Pop Tarts into dinner for two nights, but you don't hear me bragging.

AL – Another day, another K-Rod save. I think that gives him 40 cuntillion on the year. When his arm falls off, it's gonna be worth quite a bit of money, I imagine… Dice-K still can't go the full nine innings in the Red Sox 4-2 win over the Mariners. Improving to 11-1 might be an okay consolation…The Rays' lead in the East drops to a half game after snapping the Athletics' six-game losing streak with an 8-1 loss of their own…And the Yankees are 5-0 since the All-Star break and blahblahblah just shoot me now…And for the sake of AL Central balance, the Tigers win 7-1. Bully for them.

Stuff That Isn't Baseball: One of Andy Reid's kids gets two years of drug rehab. No doubt the other one will aim for five. So competitive, those kids. Bron-Bron has a sprained ankle but the inflammation in his vaj is going down, so it's a wash. Pats lineman pleads guilty to drug possession charge, marking the first time anyone on the Pats has admitted to anything since Bill Belichick admitted he kind of enjoyed banging your wife but he doesn't want to make a regular thing out of it.

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