05.05.09 10 years ago 12 Comments

Good news for people that can’t get enough Joe Buck (and if you’re one of those people, you’re a sick bastard); HBO has picked up Joe Buck Live, which is reportedly a new(!) quarterly sports series that “will include a live studio audience, interviews, panel discussions, and pre-recorded features.” Joe Buck in front of a studio audience? From Broadcasting Cable:

“We are excited to launch Joe Buck’s new HBO Sports series,” said HBO Sports President Ross Greenburg, who is executive producing the show along with Rick Bernstein. “Joe is a premium talent who excels in a live format, and we want to produce a show that showcases his unique perspective, personality and sense of humor.”

Sense of humor? What sense of humor? This is the guy that scolded Randy Moss for a mock mooning! How much fun could this guy possibly be? Hey everybody! Who’s up for a game of cribbage? I brought the O’Doul’s! I think one Joe Buck show every three months is probably more than I can handle.

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