11.07.06 12 years ago 6 Comments

In a story that will surely get the beauty-obsessed tabloids like Star, People, and ESPN the Magazine buzzing, John Daly and his fourth wife are filing for divorce from each other. No, you read that correctly: they've both filed for divorce.

Sherrie Miller Daly filed for divorce on Oct. 17, and Daly filed a day later, according to records in Shelby County, Tenn. "It was kind of a race to the courthouse," said Randy Fishman, the Memphis attorney representing Daly's wife.

What a shame. And this just four months after Sherrie finished her federal sentence for her involvement in a drug-and-gambling ring. For some people, the pressures of fame are too much for even love to overcome. Other people, even if they go together like cheeseburgers and Jack Daniels, go through marriages like they go through cheeseburgers and Jack Daniels.

I believe that's called irony.

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