Jose Canseco Put On A Hitting Display

12.17.10 8 years ago 10 Comments

Last time we visited the awesomeness that is Jose Canseco’s Twitter, he was desperate to retain legal services so he could get his chandeliers back from his landlord. Now he’s desperate for a chance to play Major League Baseball again. Over the past few weeks, the 46-year old has Tweeted his fervent belief that he could still be a home run champion if someone gave him a shot to be a DH. Most recently, he has been begging GM Sandy Alderson for a shot to play first base for the New York Mets. If only that pesky MLB Gestapo would stop interfering with Jose’s dream.

Back in August, Canseco signed a deal to be a bench coach and DH for the Laredo Broncos of the United Baseball League, but Canseco also claims that he made a verbal agreement with an unnamed team in the Puerto Rican Baseball League two days ago. Unfortunately, according to a Canseco Tweet from about 4 am EST, MLB put the kybosh on that plan, as Canseco believes that he has not been playing because the league still has him blacklisted and not because he’s 4 years from 50 and his last noteworthy MLB season was 1999.

Anywho, let’s see what the slugger has been chatting about recently, and these have not been edited for accuracy or grammar…

I had a verbal agreement with a team in puerto rico 2 days ago and it was shut down by mlb because they invest capital in to the league
Sandy alderson I will do what it takes I won’t let you down,help me get thease players in the hall please
I love texas and the rangers would play for them for free
I have been working hard I am reay to play just need a team
I am trying my best to do my best,life begins at 40. (Maybe on the Senior PGA)
Sandy alderson please give me a chance to play first base ,even just a tryout
Life is about beleivinging in something (My favorite)
Why is everyone so negative,I will play again

Yeah, stop being so negative, you jerks! I totally believe that Canseco could contribute to a MLB team immediately. I nominate the Chicago Cubs. Come on, Jim Hendry, give the guy a chance. If you need proof, just check out this hitting display he put on yesterday with a machine throwing 94 mph…

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