11.07.07 10 years ago 25 Comments

Yesterday everybody justifiably went ga-ga when police cited the three college girls in Volunteers center Josh McNeil's bedroom with underage intoxication.  Imaginary high-fives were exchanged, and admissions of jealousy ran far and wide.  Because sex with girls is fun!

Well, too bad it was all a lie:

At the media session [yesterday], McNeil explained that he had taken the drug Ambien, a sleep aid that was prescribed for him.  The three girls in the room were his girlfriend and two of her friends, who were sleeping on the floor of his room, coach Phillip Fulmer said.

Oh sure, it's the media and bloggers who jumped to conclusions and assumed he was enjoying the good kind of foursome, but I blame McNeil for the misunderstanding.  He's the one who couldn't swing the foursome.  What a fraud.

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