A KBO Game Had Two Little League Home Runs In The Same Game, Including One On A Bunt

Baseball is a terrific game for a number of reasons. One reason that is especially high on the list: The sport lends itself to completely insane things happening more frequently than just about any of the other major sports, as you’re perpetually one player misjudging what a baseball is going to do away from something ridiculous.

We got a really terrific example of how strange the sport can be during a recent game in the Korean Baseball Organization. Normally, when a player lays down a bunt with one out and runners on the corners, the objective is to drive in the player on third, get the runner on first over to second without an out, and sacrifice yourself as an out. Instead, a game between KT Wiz and Hanwha Eagles saw a bunt get laid down by an Eagles player, which led to total chaos and the extremely rare bunt home run.

Sometimes, you have to wonder if a higher power is involved in a Little League home run, and it really does seem like the baseball gods had their hands all over this one. The really fun part: Earlier in the game, the Wiz were also able to score on a Little League home run, although theirs did not come on a bunt getting laid down.