Kendra Wilkinson Comes Up With Her Own 2nd Half Muff

05.21.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

Super Bowl onside kick recovering hero total waste of space Hank Baskett could cash in with the release of his baby momma’s sex tape. The Playboy Mansion alum (I wonder what their endowment is) could make 3 million easily.

Hank Baskett’s sugar momma wife Kendra Wilkinson is pretending to be horrified about the release of her sex tape..but in fact she’s thrilled because she’s gonna net around 3 million from sales..”Kendra could get 20 percent of the profits and make $3.2 million easily,” said the President of Vivid Video, the company behind the release of the tape..Hank better thank his lucky stars that he found someone to support him because his football career is T-5 and counting. –TerezOwens

As easy as it is to rip on Hank Baskett (like ‘fish in a barrel’ or ‘candy from a baby’ easy), in a weird way I’m happy for him. Having a hot wife is awesome enough, but having a wife who’s so hot she can make millions through a sex tape is like hitting the lottery. Hank shouldn’t feel awkward or ashamed, he should be proud. The tape was made before the two were married, and it’s such easy money. It’s not like people haven’t seen his wife’s tits already, it comes with the territory of wifeying up a Playboy model. It’s not like Hank is going to be able to cash in on his NFL career. It’s been a series of horrible, horrible failures. Exhibit A is after the jump.

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