08.17.09 9 years ago 3 Comments

Current world champion pro wrestler and “former Olympic gold medalist” Kurt Angle was arrested on Saturday. I just found it weird that everyone referred to him by his one achievement in 1996 than by his current profession.

The 40-year-old star of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, and former Olympic gold medalist, was charged Saturday when police found HGH when they stopped his vehicle in Robinson Township after Angle allegedly violated a protection from abuse order obtained by his girlfriend.

Angle contends he has a prescription for the HGH and his attorney says Angle didn’t violate the order, but just happened to stop at a coffee shop where the woman worked.

Uh huh. Like he wouldn’t know where his “girlfriend” worked. Apparently she’s not his “ex-girlfriend” yet. Bizarre. Another good protection from abuse might be to, I don’t know, break up and seek additional help, but that’s just me, being crazy rational and all.

The day after the arrest, Angle made his appearance at the Total Nonstop Action wrestling event Hard Justice, and “successfully defended” that outfit’s world title, to the chagrin of some. It goes to show that wrestling doesn’t hold itself to the same choir-boy standard that professional sports leagues do. Good. Anyone that dates a pro wrestler should be a little terrified, and at least a little grateful that she wasn’t found hanging from a piece of exercise equipment.

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