Learn Everything About Rick Pitino’s 15 Second Encounter With Karen Sypher

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As the story goes, Louisville coach Rick Pitino and serial hat wearer Karen Sypher met in a restaurant and quickly took their conversation to the bathroom stall where things started getting frisky. They did something naughty, she got pregnant and he gave her $3,000 for an abortion. Later, she realized she didn’t get the national attention or money (or sexual satisfaction) she so desperately desired from her ‘encounter’ with Pitino so she cried rape and tried to extort him for $5.5 million. He called her bluff, she took the story public and now they’re fighting it out in extortion court.

Anyway, the latest installment of the sordid tale of Rick Pitino and his 50-year-old restaurant bathroom sex partner has gotten pretty graphic, and you’re about to read the disgusting details! Thanks to the strong stomach’d Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio who dutifully attended the extortion trial and tweeted out a play-by-play of all the horribly entertaining statements by Pitino and his bang maid, we get to be the creepy voyeurizing neighbor as he takes us through one night moment in Karen Sypher, and I get to break out the seldom used premature ejaculation tag. Everybody wins.

Pitino sad he did not plan on having sex with Sypher but he didn’t protest. She asked if he had a condom and he said, “I don’t carry condoms.” Sypher tells Pitino she is fertile. Rick testifies, “she told me her husband looked at her 4 times and she got pregnant and I pulled out”. Defense attorney asks how could she have become pregnant then if he did not ejaculate. Pitino testifies, “I did, down my leg.” Pitino said entire sexual encounter with Sypher “took less than 15 seconds”. Pitino then testifies that “it is physically possible” he could have gotten her pregnant but declines to go further. Thankfully topic ends. -KySportsRadio Twitter

My favorite quote from the encounter (besides the one about how he lasted 15 seconds, of course)?

He said it began when she started rubbing his leg as they were sitting at the bar, then suggested that they go to a booth. “One thing led to another,” Pitino said. He said he got nervous after Sypher told him she was very fertile and joked that her first husband once got her pregnant just by looking at her. -Couriar-Journal

“Well, I’ve looked at you, like, 40 times already, lady! By my calculation we’re about to put Jon and Kate Plus 8 to shame!” I love the fact that Rick Pitino, one of the best college coaches in NCAA history who’s known for his unbreakable concentration and steely gaze of fire can still get nervous from a conversation with a woman who’s blathering on about how excellent her ovaries are. Imagine how nervous he’d be if she were actually young and hot!

Another portion I enjoyed? The fact that the encountered happened while Pitino was accompanied by his personal assistant Vinnie Tatum, who had to wait patiently by himself as his boss banged out a broad in the restaurant bathroom. I imagine this happens to Prince’s assistant all the time. Tatum, who testified, told the court he was, “sitting only 10 or 15 feet from where Sypher claimed Pitino raped her, yet heard no screams or scuffling.” Then Pitino ditched Tatum to hitch a ride home with Sypher where they held an amicable conversation about Sypher’s family and how she could get ahold of basketball tickets.

I guess the moral of the story is this; bitches be crazy.

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