Let’s Break Down The ‘Mayweather-McGregor’ Of YouTube Fights: Logan Paul Vs. ‘FIFA’ Streamer KSI

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02.26.18 4 Comments

Your chance to see Logan Paul getting punched in the face is coming. Paul and fellow uber-popular YouTube star KSI (of FIFA streaming fame) have begun a smorgasbord of trash-talking videos to hype their boxing match which they are calling the “Mayweather-McGregor of YouTube.”

For the most part, the motivations behind the fight are simple: KSI called out the Paul brothers after he boxed another YouTuber into a bloody pulp, and now we’re here. It will be messy, silly, and cathartic for many people who want to see Paul (and even KSI) take a smack in the face. They will make a bunch of money, and everyone will move on.

For our part, we’re here to break down the disappointingly important fight that will be as entertaining as any celebrity boxing match with a healthy loathing of those involved. So this is what we know about Paul and KSI after reading about :

  • Paul is training at the Mayweather gym, which is obviously extremely good for his development
  • Paul looks like he’s throwing punches possibly for the first time
  • Paul’s got good size, is in good shape, and we’ve seen him run and crash into things over the years, but how well does that translate to getting punched in the face?
  • KSI has been training for nearly a year and looks like a natural in the ring
  • KSI is riding high after beating another YouTuber bloody last year
  • KSI could be cocky after beating up a YouTube musician

Here’s an excellent breakdown from Boxing Physique that shows KSI and Paul’s training side by side. Keep in mind KSI has already fought, and been training for quite a while, but his first session shows he’s got naturally heavy hands. He’s moving his hips well and smacking the mats with each strike. Paul is a beginner, so you can’t fault him, but he’s throwing arm punches and looks like he’s not willing to trade. The guy is a grappler in a striking match.

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