The ‘Planet Earth’ Iguana Goes Beast Mode By Being Mashed Up With Marshawn Lynch’s Narration

By now, you’ve almost certainly seen the Planet Earth iguana run, where an extremely athletic iguana evades like a billion snakes in the desert. If you’ve missed it until now, there’s literally no better way to watch it than the mash-up above, which shows how retired running back Marshawn Lynch‘s commentary of his legendary “Beast Quake” run against the Saints matches up so perfectly it’s almost painful.

If the original clip wasn’t already amazing enough, imbuing the essence of Marshawn to that scrappy-ass damned iguana is just way too incredible. Seriously, every instant of this works insanely well. Shout out to the “baby stiff-arm” part that is subtle but … [kisses fingers like chef]

Also, please make sure you stick around past the Planet Earth logo for EXTRA PERFECTION.

And if it’s been a while since you’ve seen the original Beast Quake, please take a moment to re-familiarize yourself.

We miss you, Marshawn. At least we’ll always have these danged iguanas.

(Via The Post Game)