Report: Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch Plans To Retire

marshawn lynch
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It’s no secret that Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch has heavily considered retiring. Sure, he’s an awesome running back on one of the best teams on the planet, but Lynch has always marched to the beat of his own drum, which has earned him the title of one of the league’s most unconventional players.

Apparently, Lynch is not just considering retirement, anymore. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, those close to Lynch have been made aware that he plans on ending his career.

In a way, this is a surprise, because Lynch is only 29 years old and – despite having a down year – is one of the best power backs in the league. He suffered from some nagging injuries that limited him in 2015, but with an offseason to rest, there’s no reason to think that Lynch wouldn’t be able to bounce back in 2016.

But like we said, Lynch is perhaps the most unique player in the NFL, the kind of guy who values doing things his way over any sum of money. Add in the fact that there have been tensions between Lynch and the Seahawks’ front office and it makes sense that his career is over.

Still, when he was at his best, there weren’t many players who were more fun to watch than Lynch. Of course, when you’re talking about his greatest hits, the first place to look is his “Beast Quake” run against the New Orleans Saints in a 2011 NFC wild card game. Looking back on this five years later and it’s still mind-boggling that Lynch was able to pull this off.

That wasn’t the only time Lynch shredded a defense for a long touchdown run. Back in 2014, Lynch ran his way through the entire Arizona defense en route to a 79-yard score, which very well could be the second-most impressive run of his career.

For how fun Lynch was on the field, he was also one of the league’s most enjoyable players off of it. There are plenty of examples of Lynch being a good dude who loves to have fun, for example, the time he appeared on Conan and played Mortal Combat X with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski in what was the funniest things that we’ve ever seen.

Of course, since Lynch is an athlete retiring early, there will probably be plenty of speculation that he’ll come back after a year off and join some team other than Seattle. It would be very un-Marshawn like of him, but if he’s physically up for it, hopefully we see him back in the league somewhere down the road.