03.15.07 11 years ago 8 Comments

All week long, all I could think about was how excited I was to watch the Suns-Mavs matchup. Then I didn't get to see it. I missed a back-and-forth double-overtime thriller between the NBA's two best and most exciting teams in order to bring you a With Leather exclusive (coming later today).

Anyway, the game: Nash 32 points, 16 dimes, and 8 boards; Amare 41 (on 16-of-19!) and 10; Dirk 30 and 16 but with two missed free throws at the end of regulation and a missed 8-footer that ended the game; and Jerry Stackhouse 33 points off the bench. Nash buried a three at the end of regulation to send it into OT, and Jason Terry returned the favor to send it into a second one. Both teams trailed by at least 15 in the second half. Final score: 129-127, Suns.

Can't. Believe. I missed it.

The rematch and final showdown for these two juggernauts (mmmm… jugs) is April 1st in Phoenix, and it'll be the last chance to see them face off until the Western Conference Finals, AKA the Actual NBA Finals. Stupid crappy East.

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