McNabb Wanted A Pic With Justin Bieber

05.03.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

Here’s a photo that could only happen at the White House: newly-christened Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb and pop sensation Justin Bieber. Worlds…COLLIDE!

“My daughter loves you,” said Donovan McNabb.

Bieber, 16, with a swagger way beyond his years, turned and took the new Redskins quarterback’s outstretched hand. “You might want to shake it before I go to the bathroom,” the singer said. McNabb waited for Bieber to emerge from the men’s room and asked for photo with him. “This is going to help me at home,” he said. –DC Sports Bog.

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Such an odd thing that people meet like this and yet already know each other. If only I could be part of such an event. But after this picture was taken, these two went their separate ways. McNabb will go on underthrowing receivers, and Bieber will continue making three-year-old girls cry.

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