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Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach is quickly becoming my favorite coach in any sport. If you missed it, here’s what Leach said regarding the Browns and Eric Mangini for passing on Michael Crabtree:

“[Crabtree] has been more successful as a receiver than that guy has a coach at this point,” Leach said to the Sacramento Bee. “Part of the reason is he’s (Crabtree) too shy to be like that…Let’s see how all those non-divas do up in Cleveland this year.”

So one might expect Leach to lighten up some after Mangini invited former Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell into Browns minicamp, right? Well…

Leach told the Dallas Morning News he thought Harrell should have been drafted and that NFL teams are missing out.

“The truth of the matter is that the NFL drafts quarterbacks notoriously bad,” Leach told the paper. “That’s indisputable. …

“I don’t have an answer for why they don’t have a skill for drafting a quarterback. Well, I think the priorities are out of order. Accurate and makes good decisions needs to be a priority, not something they need to teach him, because they don’t do that very well.”

It is rather amazing that Harrell wasn’t drafted, but who knows why. Coaches fall in love with players and hate players for seemingly ridiculous reasons. I for one am glad that I don’t pass judgement on human beings with such inhumane objectivity.

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