10.27.08 9 years ago 11 Comments

J.T. O’Sullivan prepares to suck enough to get benched

Here’s what sucked in the NFL yesterday:

  • The Giants’ red-zone offense and James Harrison’s long-snapping. [recap]
  • Everything about the Bengals. [recap]
  • Brett Favre’s holier-than-thou attitude after throwing three interceptions as the Jets had to come back to eke out a win at home against the lowly Chiefs.  Eat a dick, Bretty boy. [recap]
  • The NFL’s ridiculous rules that kept CBS from showing the end of the Chargers-Saints game live.
  • Everything about the 13-9 crapfest between the Bucs and Cowboys.
  • The Cardinals’ inability to hold a two-touchdown lead in the second half. [recap]

Bonus suck points for the punter who made a tackle by leaping onto a returner’s back.  The ol’ piggyback tackle, favored by younger brothers and grade-schoolers everywhere.  Tip of the cap to whomever can tell me who that was. UPDATE: It was Steve Weatherford of the Chiefs. Thanks to “cubs choke bears gag” for solving the mystery.

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