‘Monopoly’ Is Catering To Dirty Players With A Special ‘Cheaters Edition’

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Everyone knows a shameless board game cheat or two. In fact, some of us see it when we look in the mirror. Monopoly can bring out a lot of moral flexibility in a player and Hasbro understands the temptation. That’s why they’re making a special “Cheaters Edition” of the game. (No, not that Cheaters.)

Lined up for a fall release, this twist on the classic game encourages players to cheat. Business Insider reports that players will see a stack of 15 cheat cards on the board along with usual Community Chest and Chance cards. The cards challenge players to do whatever underhanded Monopoly villainry the game asks of them. There’s a reward if you pull of the chicanery with no one noticing and a punishment if you get caught. Here’s some of the Monopoly cheating challenges players will face.

Stealing money from the bank
Placing a hotel on one of your pieces of property
Removing a hotel from someone else’s property
Taking an extra $100 in Monopoly money from the bank when you pass go.
Moving another player’s token instead of your own on your turn.
Giving someone less money than you owe them.
Collecting rent for someone else’s property

“A recent study conducted by Hasbro revealed that nearly half of game players attempt to cheat during Monopoly games, so in 2018, we decided it was time to give fans what they’ve been craving all along – a Monopoly game that actually encourages cheating,” said Hasbro gaming senior VP Jonathan Berkowitz of what sparked the Cheaters Edition into being.

Will this idea wipe out cheating in classic Monopoly? Of course not. Those small pretend cash rectangles are too tempting. Still, it’s an interesting idea and a more original spin on things than the oceans of versions based on movies and TV shows. The real question might be what happens when your fellow players are caught cheating at cheating.

(Via Business Insider)