Mr. Moneybags Is Coming To Broadway With Monopoly: The Musical!

Could the next official Monopoly playing piece be a miniature version of a Tony Award? That might be on the horizon now that Monopoly is on its way to the Broadway stage. Yes, the board game that consistently rips apart families and lasts upwards of three hours (or more) is the next pop culture adaptation hitting the Great White Way hoping to entertain the masses. It only makes sense seeing as there are legitimately hundreds of themed Monopoly games available to buy and/or collect on the market. So the only logical next step would be to either make a Broadway-themed Monopoly game, or a Monopoly-themed Broadway show. Hasbro and their partner The Araca Group smartly chose the latter option.

Based on Deadline’s reporting, there is no current timeline on when the show will make its grand premiere on the stage or even what the story could be about. The creative team has just been put in place, and they are probably working hard as you read this to think up creative ways in which an iron, a Scottie dog, a boat, and a thimble can go on an adventure together. There’s no real way the musical can be as successful as recent blockbuster hit Hamilton, but hopes are high that it can do better than American Psycho or middling success School of Rock. The Araca Group has invested in previous projects such as Urinetown and Wicked, so this might not be as huge a shot in the dark as it seems. Start dreaming up your ideal Monopoly on Broadway swag now, and hope that the tchotchkes they choose to sell at the merch stand are just as cool as the performance.

(via Deadline)