NFL Fans Are Claiming The Patriots Got Some Help From The Clock Operator With This Extra-Long Second

Entertainment Editor
01.13.18 2 Comments

It’s NFL fans vs. the Patriots once again after the Pats seemed to get an “extra-long second” before calling a timeout to set up a 53-yard field goal attempt from Stephen Gostkowski. They missed, but that doesn’t mean the fans rooting against Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and company aren’t openly questioning the catch and run from Danny Amendola that stopped space and time in its tracks for a fleeting moment.

The next chapter in the conspiracy-heavy feud between the always-winning Pats and the rest of the NFL will likely be short-lived considering the fact that the NFL doesn’t use local timeclock or scorekeepers at games, and flies people from around the country to take control of the time. But, that’s not quite as sexy sounding as: The Patriots cheat again.

So, fans are publicly questioning how this happened.

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