The Thick Fog Covering The Field During The Patriots Vs. Falcons Game Led To Belichick Conspiracy Theories

A thick fog rolled into Gillette Stadium Sunday night ahead of the Super Bowl rematch between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. It was convenient, considering the Falcons were wearing white jerseys, play worse on the road in the elements, and are also humans that need to see in order to perform their on-field duties. Clearly, the fog was manifested by Bill Belichick and Tom Brady (who demanded vegan fog), to throw off Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, and it worked.

Unlike the dramatic Super Bowl, the Patriots dominated the Falcons the entire game, and we would say they looked good doing it, but no one could really see anything, so who knows?

There were jokes about the fog, though. So many jokes. From the obvious to the damn clever. Beyond the conspiracy that Bill and Tom were once again using science to gain the edge (this is FogGate now), there was straight up horror movie theories as the Falcons were slaughtered without mercy. Of course, Bill Belichick wouldn’t have the ability to pour fog over into the greater Foxborough area, but his buddy Donald Trump wields HAARP now, so anything is possible. This is truly next-level stuff here.