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Apparently, Greg Paulus is heading to Syracuse for his one year (maybe) of college football so he can continue living the dream of being a sub-par Division I athlete. And since everyone except me is engaged in autoerotic acts in the presence of this story, I’ll just blockquote what I had to say about it last month.

Granted, [Syracuse is] a smart play on his part, visiting a BCS school with a first-year head coach and a need to make some headlines any way it can. But that situation doesn’t change the fact that (a) NCAA teams’ spring practice sessions are over, (b) Paulus would need an eligibility waiver signed by whatever school would take him, and (c) he’d only be eligible for one season–provided he wasn’t forced to sit out.

This will probably happen, and he could very well play. His competition for the starting job should come from redshirt freshman QB Ryan Nassib who, we can deduce from basic logic, is less of a douchebag than Paulus. Also less of a douchebag than Paulus? Everyone. Only the NCAA can save us now by refusing his waiver, but I think there’s a better chance of me turning into a Taiwanese cop and appearing on The View.

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