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Last week LSU mourned the passing of its 17-year-old tiger mascot Mike V when the big kitty's kidneys failed.  This week, in a completely shocking turn of events, PETA is sending LSU a letter urging the school not to get another tiger cub to follow in Mike's caged footsteps.

"Big cats in captivity are denied everything that is natural and important to them, such as the opportunity to run, climb, hunt, establish their territory, and choose their mates," wrote Lisa Wathne, a specialist for PETA on captive exotic animals.

In a phone interview Monday, Wathne said the school might be misconstruing the outpouring of comments that have accompanied Mike V's death… "We believe that more and more people are uncomfortable seeing them in this situation," Wathne said. "People are evolving on this."

Whoa there, lady.  Be careful mentioning the "E" word when talking about the South.  They don't take kindly to that kind of godless science-talk.

Actually, I can kinda see where PETA's coming from, but I still support LSU getting a live tiger.  We have to take the chance that Mike VI will escape and maul some LSU fans.  And I vote for this guy.

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