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Southern Cal head football coach Pete Carroll has taken a look at the first 2009 BCS poll that came out earlier this week and, no sir, he doesn’t like it. As his team sits at 5-1 and fourth in the human polls, the BCS computers currently have the Dudes of Troy occupying the 11-hole. Supwiddat?!

My take is there is a big discrepancy with the computer polls (and the human polls),” Carroll said. “It’s a huge discrepancy. I would think that gives you reason to question the end result. Why would there be a big discrepancy?”

BCS expert Jerry Palm said USC’s computer ranking is lower because the Trojans played San Jose State and Washington State, who are each 1-5. –Palm Springs Desert Sun.

Hey, I didn’t think San Jose State was in the Pac-10 because OH RIGHT, THEY’RE JUST ANOTHER DIVISION SUCK NON-CONFERENCE TEAM! You know what the computers would say to you right now, Carroll? GREAT JOB AGAINST WASHINGTON, DUDE! Heaven forbid there be some component to the BCS that you find yourself completely unable to manipulate. Let’s face it, if the BCS was a 20-year-old girl, Southern Cal would win the national championship every year.

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