01.05.10 8 years ago

I love these stories of kids finding images of smut in their used video games. Parents, there’s a couple of lessons here. First, don’t be cheap, but more importantly, don’t expect the world to do your parenting and safeguarding for you. If we wanted to deal with that foolishness, we’d’ve had kids of our own.

“He went to themes and colors and pulled up a picture. It’s something that’s not meant to be seen by a child’s eye,” said the dad to the station. [Yep, it was a penis.] The father tried to remove the image, but when he couldn’t, he got more upset about it.[..]

In April, a Florida woman purchased a PSP player from Wal-Mart for her 6-year-old son . When he turned on the game for the first time, he found an image of a naked woman. His mother then found a memory card inside the player containing hundreds of pornographic pictures. –My FOX DC OMG LOL NOM NOM.

Nice going, kid. Way to give up the porn to your mom. You can’t trust kids with anything these days. I blame the video games and the parents. And David Crosby. It’s about time somebody held that sunuvabitch accountable.

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