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I have a problem with pro golfers in general, most of them seem like a bunch of whiners in their little traveling country club where they seem content to just make a few cuts every year and not make any sort of push for a title. Scott McCarron and his three PGA tour wins should be a little better than that, but no. McCarron is the guy doing most of the whining about Phil Mickelson’s “new” old wedges, and he has had a difficult time defending some of his comments.

McCarron issued a statement Monday in which he wanted to clarify that while he believes “it’s cheating” for Mickelson and anyone else to use the Ping wedges, “I never called Phil Mickelson a cheater.”

McCarron said to use the Ping wedges violated the spirit of the rule. –Y! Sports.

Oh, you want to talk “spirit of the rule?” Let’s talk about that fuggin’ pool cleaner that you use for a putter, Scott. I’m sure that chest-high mallet you keep in your bag doesn’t give you any sort of advantage, does it?

[From 1996, emphasis added:] McCarron, 30, got the idea of going to the long putter in 1991…”I would not be where I am now without the long putter,” McCarron said after Sunday’s win. –SI.com.

Ask the right golfer about long putters–which must be braced against the body for use–and you might see him shoot coffee through his nose, enraged. There’s more debate about their place in the game, a LOT more, than anything Mickelson is doing. Mickelson’s clubs fall outside of the ban just as your stupid putter does, Scott. Tend to your own bag, sir, and maybe try to win your first tournament in nine years. Prick.

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