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None of these is really worth an entire post, so here we go.  Hooray for slow days.

AHHHH A DINOSAUR — Mark Buehrle hangs with a young T-Rex at whatever they're calling the new Comiskey Park these days.  Cell something?  Whatever.  (via Walkoff Walk and TSB

'HARD KNOCKS' KINDA SUCKS — In case you missed it, you can watch Awful Announcing's collection of highlights or read my lazy-ass commentary over at KSK.  There's also some professional-type criticism from a real journalist at the Dallas Morning News.  He said a lot of things that reflected my thoughts on the show, only without jokes about T.O. blowing his teammates.

MEET TEAM USABall Don't Lie has a pretty good YouTube of Chris Strong interviewing different members of the men's Olympic basketball team.  It's a little long, but Dwight Howard's Shaq impression is always worth a watch.  If he stopped working out for three years he could have the right body type to go with the voice.

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