09.25.08 10 years ago

Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump.  It’s a pain to compile, so please, click on the links.

  • Ryan Parker breaks out the acoustic guitar and soulful whimsy as he sings goodbye to Matt Millen.
  • Melt Your Face Off is less than thrilled that youthful up-and-comers Def Leppard have been tapped for the celebration of the NHL opening.  Meanwhile, Puck Daddy reports that the Capitals have their own rock star thing going on.  There.  That satisfies my hockey quota for the year.
  • less clothes presents photos of Jessica Alba on a Mexican beach with… a Jenny Craig-using Baron Davis.  Whatever, I’m over Jessica.  My new pretend girlfriend is Cassie Keller. **makes out with computer screen**
  • The Sporting Blog has an awesome diagram for how MVP voting works in baseball.  It’s slightly misleading, as the flow chart doesn’t lead voters up their own assholes.
  • Food Court Lunch imagines a scene in the Browns locker room.  Does it include prison-style anal rape?  You’ll have to read it to find out!
  • Dave’s Football Blog weighs in on UEFA Champions League sponsor Sony, which made a commercial making fun of soccer.  Whoops.

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