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"Saint Andrew's Net" was With Leather's daily link dump, written by assistant editor/Chicago native KD. You've come to expect sports and tits and occasionally some ass.

 . . . must come to an end. That's right sexy readers, this is the final installment of what I can only assume is the most popular daily feature on the interwebs. Who can say what form With Leather's link dump will take in the future? Will it direct you to more urbane sites and include actual sports-related photos? Will it still include misspellings and incorrect links? Or will the byline just have the Chief or Mr. Ape's name? In any case, it's not as easy as it looks to come up with mildly humorous one-liners related to the links of the day when you're experiencing delirium tremens. And good luck finding half-naked lovelies on the internet – it's very easy to become distracted and fluid-deprived. Speaking of which, here's your link for today:

  • Why is a shanty Irishman so enthralled with big-breasted Brits like lovely Lucy -NSFW and lovely Michelle -NSFW? Because I'm a man of nuance and subtle complexity.

Thanks to everyone who sent links during my tenure – you made my job much easier. Unless the post you forwarded sucked, then fuck off. Other than that, it's all been fun except having to explain to my mother what NSFW means. Stick around to see my expert Derby predictions on my final weekend here. Don't worry, I'll be back to fill-in for the Chief when he's hobnobbing at Penthouse parties, or has a doctor's appointment 3 weeks later. 

Please continue to send your submissions for Saint Andrew's Net With Leather's new and improved link dump to 

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