08.24.09 9 years ago

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  • It’s never too early for a college football preview.

    Rumors & Rants.

  • Michelle Wie went undefeated in the Solheim Cup this weekend. You’d actually be impressed if you knew what the Solheim Cup was.

    Devil Ball Golf.

  • Not sports-related, but it’s the best and worst thing about Facebook captured in one simple screenshot.

    Fail Blog.

  • It’s a very John Hughes sort of breakdown of NFL personalities.

    Pyle of List.

  • Add the Ottawa Senators’ Dany Heatley to the NHL’s All-Wuss Team. He can play on the first line with Sid the Bitch and Milan Lucic. If he really wants out of Ottawa, he should drive Cory Clouston around in a Ferrari.

    Fan Nation.

  • While Mexican soccer fans don’t know anything about behaving in public, their government has some bright ideas when it comes to drug policy.


  • Yeah, it’s still early, but Chelsea’s still batting 1.000 in the Premiere League

    More Than The Games.

  • Big Brother (UK) housemate Noirin Kelly should be enjoying life now that she’s out of the house. They vote her out, and somehow the bisexual Brazilian guy gets to stay.

    On 205th.

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