07.15.09 10 years ago

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  • Is the Home Run Derby cursed? Well, obviously for the fans it is…but what about the players?

    |The Rookies|

  • Hey, it’s a gallery of bad boob jobs. At least appreciate the effort from the parties involved

    |Yep Yep|

  • Looks like Pedro Martinez will be a Phillie

    |Babes Love Baseball|

  • Spurs owner Peter Holt is a role model for the Cincinnati Bengals front office

    |Who Dey Revolution|

  • Australia’s Erin McNaught gets more attention as she wears fewer clothing. I have no idea if the sash qualifies as such

    |Erin McNaught|

  • Could the Clippers be the Washington Nationals of the NBA? Hey, they have a fine tradition of game-day ineptitude, but they’ve a ways to go before compiling all the fail that the Nats already have in one year.
  • Melissa Anne Teixeira is better with cars than I am. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t mind getting under the hood


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