12.17.09 9 years ago

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  • Before the rest of you reading this site abandon ship for me agreeing with Glenn Beck, just read his take on the NFL’s quandry with head injuries.


  • Who are the college football programs to watch over the next ten years. Could some of them actually be in, oh I don’t know…BCS conferences? That wasn’t a joke so much as poorly executed sarcasm. Bleacher Report.
  • I’m not convinced that this list of poorly-named Transformers wasn’t totally made up, although “Hot Rod” sounds familiar. I guess.

    Topless Robot.

  • This is the ukulele documentary for which you’ve been pining for some time.


  • Tennessee men’s basketball coach Bruce Pearl can pretty much stretch out anywhere she wants. Even on a trio of coeds in a golf cart. That’s how they roll in Knoxville.

    No Guts No Glory.

  • It’s Naomi Watts, breaking into your house and drinking all your coffee. But just relax. As long as she doesn’t see all the mold on your shower curtain, you’re golden.


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