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  • Yes, yes: We saw the exposed water polo nipple on Deadspin (NSFW).  Try not to lose your minds, okay?  I mean, you've all seen a woman's nipple before.  Well, unless your mother didn't breast feed.
  • Randy's Radar reports that Jenn Sterger will be moving to the Big Apple to be the Jets' gameday host, whatever that is.  My randy radar went off, too.  Welcome to the big city, Miss Sterger.  Well, Hoboken at least.  It's the best place to experience New York City without all the diversity. (more pics at the RR link)
  • Machochip learns that American boxer Javier Molina fought (and lost) in the Olympics with a hole in his heart.  Yes, there's a hole in his heart that can only be filled by you.
  • on 205th has pictures of Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson… OMG walking together!  Be thankful the Olympics are on, or this would merit its own post.

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