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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link post. It laughs in the faces of people that still buy cars made in Detroit.

  • Here’s the first clamoring I’ve seen for preseason fantasy football, tongue-in-cheek or otherwise. Even I think that’s a bit much.

    Style Points.

  • New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg says that you can take that orange shirt of yours and stick it.

    Bugs & Cranks.

  • You now have permission to jones over the OKC Thunder’s Kevin Durant.

    It’s Just Sports.

  • How fabulous is your favorite team’s quarterback?

    Pyle of List.

  • Another take on the recent triumph of Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson.

    Second-String Fullback.

  • Here’s that same Hitler video clip you’ve seen sub-titled a hundred different ways, this time with the 2009 Mets. Yeah, I could see Hitler following the Mets. I bet he and Omar Minaya are like this…

    Curb Your Athleticism [Youtube].

  • Eventually, everyone will own a share of the Dolphins.

    Open Sports.

  • NBA stars that eventually became supporting players.

    The Hoop Doctors.

  • Dominika Cibulkova pulled out of the US Open. You’d think the Swiss had figured out by now that pulling out never really works.

    Sportress of Blogitude.

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