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With Leather’s daily link heap appears every morning. It’s called Saint Andrew’s Net, named after the Catholic god of longshore fishermen.

  • The Tony Romo video that I didn’t find all that funny. I’m posting it anyway because your tastes may not be as unforgiving as mine

    Read and React

  • The official wrap-up from the Carbon Poker blogger tournament. At least we’re done with the unicorns. For now.

    Carbon Poker

  • If you thought this dunk from Pepperdine’s Keion Bell was unimpressive, wait until you see his NBA career.

    Outside the Boxscore

  • Tom Watson’s 65 yesterday was good enoughto run in second place after Round One. So who are the rest of the guys playing in the British Open, anyway?

    The Sports Hernia

  • Jessica White (right) is the woman dating Terrell Owens right now. She’s good looking, but she’s no Joanna Krupa

    WAG Rankings

  • If you want Toronto’s Roy Halladay to pitch for your team, he won’t be coming cheap.

    Rumors & Rants

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