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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link diarrhea.  That’s the last time we go to that Mexican website!

  • A special limited edition of Kobe Bryant’s shoes will be available on July 22nd at select stores.  But will they make my calves look as good as these pumps do?  |StreetLevel|
  • If you don’t think the coaches’ “silent auction” is better than a coin flip for determining possession in NFL overtime games, you’re a coward and a weakling.  |NYT Fifth Down Blog|
  • The top five NBA free agents this summer.  Awww, look!  The NBA is trying to stay in the news cycle!  How cute.  |The Hoop Doctors|
  • In case you missed it: Spencer Hall is back from a broken back for another edition of The Amateur.  This time, he’s playing table tennis (and drinking and gambling) in Las Vegas.  |The Sporting Blog|
  • Hands as bras: a gallery.  Well played, sirs. (The image here, however, is from Cleavage Lover — click it for full size.)  |Holy Taco|
  • Are you missing college football?  This post on Paul Johnson’s mastery of the flexbone will make you eager for September.  Hee hee, “flexbone.” |Smart Football|
  • Shaq takes silly pictures of himself.  A Twitpic collection.  |Uncoached|
  • The British react to our inevitable conquest of world soccer.  Man, I love it when we win.  It’s the best way to show other countries that nacho cheese tastes amazing.  |Studs Up|

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