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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump.  Fact: Megan Fox’s dumps smell like mint and cure cancer.

  • The Sporting Blog counts down the top five standard sports bloopers that stem from hotdogging.  In related news, I would happily the $10.50 to watch a movie that was nothing but Megan Fox eating hot dogs.  “Oh yeah, all beef.
  • Big League Stew is soliciting people’s memories of Yankee Stadium.  Golly, I’ll never forget that time I got called “faggot” for wearing a Mariners hat there.  Farewell, you noble arena.
  • on 205th presents the Dallas Stars ice girls hanging out on a yacht.  I like the ones where they’re in bikinis.  Oh, that’s all of them?  I see.
  • Celebslam turns up photos of David Beckham needing to SUVs of security to pick up his sons from school.  Sounds about right.  I mean, those kids ARE British.
  • Holy Taco has video of the exploding banana mask.  Okay, so it’s technically not sports-related.  Not yet, anyway.  I heard Brady Quinn and A-Rod love exploding bananas.

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