12.15.08 9 years ago 13 Comments

Less than two weeks ago, Sean Avery said other NHL players picked up his “sloppy seconds.”  Certainly not classy, but well within the realm of expectations for a mouthy agitator like Avery.  Now, as if his six-game suspension wasn’t draconian enough, Stars GM Brett Hull — Avery’s roommate during his rookie season — has announced that Avery will not play for Dallas again.

“We don’t want to ruin Sean or his career. We want him to get better,” Hull said. “The team needs to move on and start winning and he needs to take care of himself. … As a hockey player, I think there’s no question he can be an asset. That said, he’s got to fix the demons he has. It becomes such a huge distraction that it almost takes away from his ability to play the game.”

The move comes after Stars coach Dave Tippett and team leaders Mike Modano and Marty Turco all said they didn’t want Avery back, leaving Hull to renege on the 4-year, $15.5M deal he gave Avery.

All because he said “sloppy seconds.”  That blows my mind.  I could write “sloppy seconds” on this blog and it would be the 57th-least offensive thing I wrote on any given day.  Assuming I met my daily quota for Gypsy-extermination jokes.  Who wants those filthy transients around anyway?

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