Shaq Denies Being Computer Friendly

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09.16.10 4 Comments

Boston Celtics fame whore Shaquille O’Neal is being sued by a former employee for computer hacking, destroying evidence and framing him for criminal activity. Shaq hired Shawn Darling to set up a home theater system and install his personal computers, and Darling apparently used that as an invitation to make copies of Shaq’s emails to his various girlfriends and then threaten the Big Bank Account with extortion. Now that Shaq is refusing this alleged extortion attempt, Darling is suing him. Responded Shaq’s ex-wife, “Oh no he didn’t.”

Darling claims that Shaq hacked into the voicemail of his ex-mistress, Vanessa Lopez, and changed the password, and then threw a personal computer into a lake to destroy evidence, and then he used law enforcement contacts to attempt to frame Darling for an unmentioned criminal offense. The frame job is supposedly to discredit Darling when he comes forward with all of these emails that will supposedly embarrass Shaq. Does Darling have a TV? Because just two weeks ago, Shaq was cradling Justin Bieber like a baby. Good luck embarrassing him, Shawn.

Tell us the details the same way forward and backward, Radar:

Now Shaq’s attorney, Benjamine Reid, has put out a press release calling the basis for the lawsuit “complete and utter fabrication.” He also details Darling’s extensive criminal background and says the former employee has tried to obtain a $12 million payment from Shaq.

Darling accuses O’Neal of hacking into the voicemail of Vanessa Lopez, his mistress who also has an active lawsuit against O’Neal. And Shaq is accused of using law enforcement contacts to improperly obtain information about another mistress.

Darling indeed has a criminal past, including serving time for stealing social security numbers and bank fraud, but then again Shaq was in Kazaam, so those should cancel out. Lopez had already filed a harassment suit against the Big Babymaker for the alleged phone tampering, and she also publicly claimed back in January that she was pregnant with his baby. And maybe she gave birth or maybe Shaq threw the fetus in a lake, who knows?

Shaq hired an ex-convict with a history of stealing money from people to set up his home computers. He had “thousands” of emails on his computer from various girlfriends and mistresses. Lawsuit or not, framing or not, throwing stuff in lake or not, we’re going to see these emails soon enough. I’m getting my bets in now. $20 says it’s air sex goat play.

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