Shaq Is A Weird, Weird Dude

04.13.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

There are things Shaquille O’Neal does well. Dunk, tweet, dominate with his size, find rather tiny wives.

There are things Shaq doesn’t do so well. Make movies, star in movies, act in movies and shoot free throws. (He would presumably not shoot free throws well in movies, but I’m fairly certain that was never a scene in “Blue Chips.”)

None of this is stopping the Big, umm, Queen Latifah from making a couple of random appearances in videos. Last month he had an extremely random cameo in an Owl City video (yes, the Owl City that sang “Fireflies,” the song that makes your ears hate noise).

Now, he is posting a video lip syncing Aaliyah’s “At Your Best” while not wearing a shirt and, for some reason, pouring water randomly on his head. This video is a little too “D’angelo ‘How Does It Feel'” for my liking, but I guess the only explanation is Shaq needed to fill a committee to Smart Water and this was his best idea.

The things you do when you’re not playing basketball.

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