03.06.07 11 years ago 18 Comments, probably recognizing the need to quietly execute Peter King (quote from yesterday's MMQB: "[It] only took me nine years to see Saving Private Ryan. Memorable movie. Incredible job by Tom Hanks. That's the best I've seen him. And were you as stunned as I was to see Matt Damon show up two-thirds of the way through the movie as the title character?" Ummm, no. He was on the movie poster), has aligned its On Campus section with the powerful swimsuit-and-Jenn Sterger wing of Sports Illustrated.

Last week's SI On Campus featured athlete was Kari Klinkenborg, a once and future model who also happens to play volleyball for Florida.

"What finally got me to do it was one of my friends kept saying 'You need to model. You need to model. I know an agent,'" said the 6-foot-2 Klinkenborg. "I was always like, 'Just drop it. I'm not going to do it.' My friend just kept nagging me. I finally went and met with (an agent)."

Tell me about it, Kari. Every day is an endless series of calls and emails. "You're too good-looking to spend all that time behind the computer." "Why won't you model our underwear?" "Why can't we get shirtless pictures of you?" "If we see you on the premises again we will be forced to take legal action." But I'm too caught up in my world of volunteer work and sit-ups to devote my time and my image to people's sexual fantasies. I'm more than just a pretty face, dammit. I also have buns of steel.

Also see Kari's profile at Max Talent Agency. It says she's only 5'11". Scandal! 

Update: Our Book of Scrap has a screen capture of SI's first go at the story, complete with spelling error and less sexy picture.

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