11.02.06 12 years ago 2 Comments

Hi, everyone. Sorry for the mid-morning/early afternoon delay, or early morning delay for the West Coast readers. You know how it goes: you take home a couple strippers one night, and they turn out to be sexy double agent computer hackers. I guess I should know better. I mean, I saw Hackers. Angelina Jolie was in that, and that should have taught me that sexy hackers are out there, trying to mess up your wireless connection.

More importantly, I've gotten a few emails from people saying that WithLeather's RSS feed is effed up. Well, no longer. That's right: THE RSS FEED IS FIXED, and the person responsible for the original error has been shot. Subscribe and enjoy.

Anyway, I've moved WithLeather Grand Headquarters from Where the Magic Happens to a lovely little coffeehouse with wireless, so we'll get things rolling along here in no time. Stay beautiful.

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