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NBA – The Detroit Pistons dispatched the Orlando Magic from the NBA Playoffs last night with a 91-86 win.

“They didn’t do anything that beat us, we just made too many mistakes,” [Hedo] Turkoglu said.

Yes, like getting a dunk blocked by the athletic skeleton that is Tayshaun Prince with less than 20 seconds left (pictured) in the game – for a more animated version of this feat, see Need4Sheed. Rip Hamilton led the Pistons with 31, and Antonio McDyess had 17 points and 11 rebounds the same evening he heard his grandmother died. I wonder if Flip Saunders just told MyDyess his grandma passed away to motivate him. Just because his name is Flip doesn't mean he can't be evil. Speaking of all that is unholy, the Spurs were trounced by the Hornets 101-79 in New Orleans. This should make the Chief's jury duty a tad more bearable – he'll make an appearance sometime today. 

MLB – THE RAYS WIN THE PENNANT! THE RAYS WIN PENNANT! Well maybe not quite, but they are in 1st place on . . . May 14th. Oh shit, I really have to do my taxes today. The Rays beat the mighty Yankees 2-1 to go 6 games over .500 and take the lead in the AL East after the Red Sox lost to Orioles 5-4. See what exorcising the Devil will do? This is not be confused with exercising the Devil, which is what Father Conley did to naughty altar boys at my old Parish.

NHLFlightless birds defeat a team nicknamed from flight. Fascinating. -KD 

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