Snoop Dogg Joining The Broadcast Booth For A Reds-Brewers Game Was As Incredible As You’d Expect

Few, if any, people do a better job parlaying being famous into doing fun stuff than Snoop Dogg. While you don’t always know where he’s going to pop up, it’s usually not a shock when Snoop shows up at a thing — it can be a game, it can be a random television show, whatever else — and is clearly having the time of his life.

The latest example of this came on Saturday night, when the Milwaukee Brewers played host to the Cincinnati Reds in an NL Central matchup. Snoop had a show at a casino in Milwaukee a little later in the evening, but before that, he threw out the first pitch — he got it across the plate, which means relatively speaking, that’s a very good first pitch — then made his way into the broadcast booth during the second inning. He proceeded to spend two full innings up there, and unsurprisingly, he took over the booth and injected some life into a mid-June baseball game.

Just listen to how much fun he had watching Christian Yelich hit an infield single, then follow it up by stealing second base. I am pretty sure everyone will agree with this, but we should 100 percent let Snoop pop into the booth during baseball games whenever he wants.

As for the game itself, the Brewers picked up a 3-1 win.