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Alonzo Mourning was one of the greatest players in NBA history. His jersey has been retired by the Heat; his 33 is the only number that hangs in those rafters. But now, he’s just like any other grumpy old guy shooting hoops at the Y. Except that he might be getting shown up on national television.

Former NBA players Ron Harper, Eddie Jones, Antoine Walker, Robert Horry and Alonzo Mourning were in Los Angeles over the weekend to shoot an upcoming episode of Pros vs. Joes. A source tells me Mourning got in a physical altercation with one of the “Joes” while filming. Good to hear Zo still has that fire.

Of course, “physical altercation” could mean anything. I was riding the bus in Japan once and my hand got into a “physical altercation” with the “uniform” of an underaged bus-riding “patron.” But fortunately “we” were able to “sort out our differences” before I “blew a wad in my pants.” There’s no substitute for traveling to make one appreciate other cultures.

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