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St. Andrew's Net is With Leather's daily link dump. Pets get linked dumps when they eat tinsel during the holidays. Incidentally, that makes a good ornament for an adversary's home.

  • SportsbyBrooks introduces the blogosphere to the 3BA, which is basketball for people who hate basketball. Kind of like how Tailor James is a woman for guys who hate women they can actually get with.
  • In the world of freak baseball injuries, a foul pop-up takes out a fan's nose on Busted Coverage and Geoff Jenkins gets a shoulder full of broken bat on The Fightins'. Those are the sort of thing that makes a weekend of shut-in masturbation seem sensible.
  • Machochip likens a new Adidas logo to that of the German SS. Asked for comments, former Nazis in Argentina said, "Shhhhh! Stop blowing our cover!"
  • Barstool Sports presents Baron Davis and Steve Nash on a tandem bike. Because sitting on a seesaw while eating ice cream cones would've been too kitschy. 
  • Chris Cooley's wife shows her beau support in classic T-shirt fashion on D.C. Sports Bog. Even though hot pants would have been more appropriate. 

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