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St. Andrew's Net is With Leather's daily link dump. We make a good faith effort to ensure as few of the links go to lemon party sites as possible.

  • To those wondering what has become of walking stereotype William Hung, Bugs & Cranks says wonder no longer. He's doing his trademark "She Bangs" at minor league baseball games. Which means the sex tape with Verne Troyer, though imminent, has not yet come to pass. 
  • The Sports Hernia attempts to pin down the moment of transformation from Orel Hershiser to raving lunatic. Perhaps it was when he released his last name had a Pujols-level humor quotient for German people. 
  • Busted Coverage has ample pics from the long-awaited demolition of Tigers Stadium. Finally, rubble to match the rest of the surrounding rubble in Detroit.
  • Probably the most bric-a-brac filled hat available this side of a gay Carmen Miranda convention is featured on The Fightins'. That might even be capable of making Gabriela Vergara unappealing. 
  • On 205th has the full video of the thrilling Margarito vs. Cotto match from Saturday. Watch it! Now! Do it! 1,2,3! Now! Now! Now!

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