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  • Blogosphere troubadour Ryan Parker is back with a song about high flying Reds rookie Jay Bruce. Yeah, Bruce is hot through six games, but is it Anna Lind-Hansen hot?
  • Walkoff Walk presents video of Marlins catcher Matt Treanor taking one on the change purse. Yeah, try walking that off.
  • Video of an NYPD officer tossing away a Red Sox fan's cap while escorting him out of Yankee Stadium, courtesy of Busted Coverage. You know, with these two teams, we keep praying for the meteor and it just doesn't show. C'mon now meteor. 
  • Tirico Suave reveals the appropriate undercard matchups for the Canseco-Sikahema fight. Guess I'll have to wait a little longer for Sammy Sosa vs. Dante Hall.
  • SportsbyBrooks finds out the Blue Jays used strippers as motivational tools in the '80s. Maybe that was to motivate their tools. History suggests the latter.

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