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Saint Andrew's Net is With Leather's daily link dump. Which is funny, because our actual dumps also come out as links.

  • Friends of the Program cuts through the Aryan enmity surrounding today's Austria-Germany EURO 2008 match-up with pictures of each country's attractive body painted representatives (somewhat NSFW). Sounds like detente, except in my pants.
  • Sox & Dawgs reveals that the Red Sox copy edit even worse than I do. Leering at Leah and Lisa (NSFW) is where I have them beat.
  • Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall is now back to using his injured right hand for everything save wiping his ass, according to Fanhouse. He must masturbate by telekinesis. 
  • Awful Announcing has the video of the French surrender to the almighty force of the Dutch oven. You'd think if there was anything they could deal with, it's body odor.
  • FanIQ gets a kick out of Barbados soliciting players for the national soccer team on their web site. No surprise then that that team lost 8-0 yesterday to the U.S. in a World Cup qualifier. Okay, it was the U.S., so it's some surprise, but still.

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