Stephen A. Smith Wore A Name Tag After Shannon Sharpe Called Him ‘Skip’ During His ‘First Take’ Debut

As the saying goes, old habits die hard. For Shannon Sharpe, that meant mixing up his old debate show co-host with his new one. The legendary tight end-turned-television personality made his debut on ESPN’s First Take on Monday and mixed up his current sparring partner, Stephen A. Smith, with his old one, FS1’s Skip Bayless.

Sharpe couldn’t help but laugh at this, because it is a pretty funny mix-up, while Smith handled the whole thing pretty gracefully. Having said that, Stephen A. Smith is an entertainer first and foremost, and after having a day to chew over Sharpe’s mistake, he figured out a pretty good way to bust his chops. During Tuesday’s edition of the show, Smith showed up with a name tag to give Sharpe a fun little reminder of who he is.

In a bit of news announced at the end of August, Sharpe will be on First Take twice a week during the NFL season. He came to ESPN after leaving Fox Sports, where he and Bayless went toe-to-toe on Undisputed for years. Bayless, of course, used to be the person on the other side of the First Take desk from Smith prior to his departure from Fox.