Michael Irvin Went On An Incredible Rant After Richard Sherman Told Him He Gave CeeDee Lamb Bad Advice

The new Undisputed lineup made its debut on Monday, with Michael Irvin, Richard Sherman, and Keyshawn Johnson all joining Skip Bayless at the desk on FS1 — which appears to be the exact same desk that was used for Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, making for a fairly tight set.

It did not take long for the new reality to set in on Bayless that he is not in control of his show anymore now that there are three others on the desk, capable of derailing the show with their own arguments that he doesn’t get to be involved in. Naturally, one of the first of those came in a discussion of the Dallas Cowboys, in which Michael Irvin explained that he had told star receiver CeeDee Lamb to catch the ball more with his body rather than his hands to try and avoid some of his drop issues.

Now, if that runs counter to everything you’ve ever heard about catching the ball as a receiver, you aren’t alone as Richard Sherman immediately told the Playmaker that was the worst advice he’s ever heard, leading to an incredible Irvin rant while Skip could only sit there and take it all in.

Keyshawn does his best to get things back on track and be a translator of sorts between what Irvin was trying to say — which is, in traffic, catching close to the body helps relieve tension and avoids drops — and what Sherman was getting out of it. The biggest takeaway here really is that Skip is now a passenger on his own show and that, in and of itself, is very funny to see.